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Investment: A Journal

As my very first blog post, I would like to inform you all the purpose and the objective of this blog.

I’m a pretty stingy person, but when there’s a chance when I get my sahod, or when I get tons of money (which does not frequently happen). My budget of the week gets ruined, and that seriously frustrates me to the core.

When I got my sahod two weeks ago, I was considering of buying a large notebook to invest. Meaning, I want to learn more about my field (digital marketing) and that I will write everything down in a journal/notebook.

I already have one in mind, and the price is ideal for my budget. But of course, something unexpected happened! I also freakin’ bought a highlighter and a Hexaplus.

For your reference:

  1. The large journal I am talking about which I NEED:


2.The new expensive Hexaplus. I already have one from three years ago, which I rarely even use!:


3. A stabilo that I don’t even need to buy, because I already have/had one!


Things bought are from two weeks. I’ve thrown out my receipt, so the prices are not really exact. Don’t worry, on my next post I’ll keep my receipts to be  more exact.

I hope you like my very first post.

How about you, as a working-millennial, what do you spend on?


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