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The Japanese Store!

I was doing “adult” stuff, not the porn stuff but I was accomplishing some requirements needed for my new work.

After I got my NBI clearance at Robinsons Galleria, I went to Starmall at Shaw Blvd. for my medical exam. It was a different kind of exam, it was more comprehensive than the other medical exams I’ve tried before.

As the very last part of the exam, I needed to submit my stool the problem was I couldn’t poop because I have a very slow metabolism.

What I did was, I searched for a blended drink that I know will help with my metabolism. I saw Dunkin’ Donuts, had the macchiato-something drink which was good, and had my favorite donut.

I roamed around the mall while I was eating my donuts, specifically to Mumuso Store which really looked like the Miniso store. I asked the sales attendant the difference between the two stores, he said that Mumuso is a Korean Store, and Miniso is Japanese. But to me, everything is made in China because how is it possible that everything in the store are affordable?!

So while I was inside Mumuso, I saw a wallet and I wanted. It costs P400, sad to say that I couldn’t afford it since I need to wait for my sahod in which I will get in two weeks time.

I decided to check Japan Home Centre, just adjacent to Mumuso. I was hoping I would find a cheaper 88-peso version of the wallet. But lo and behold, I saw a portable/bed/laptop table! I don’t know exactly the name for this but I always wanted one!

The Handy Table for only P188!

When you check online like Lazada or OLX, this thing costs around P500-P1,300. I really don’t need the electronic one where there’s a cooling pad for your laptop. I just need a simple portable table I can use on bed because I’m a lazy-ass millennial!

I’m super happy with my purchase! I also bought an eye mask because my old eye mask is getting lose.

Le Eyemask!

Japan Home Centre is no longer available in Robinsons Galleria, so this purchase was a panic purchase.

I have already bought three or four of this for the past year.

I know. It’s seems a lot.

But this is like a toothbrush that I need to change every three months or so!

Speaking of my stool…

After shopping, I’ve managed to produce a poop that will be enough for the exam.

Hurray for me and to my tae!


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