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I Do Not Need This!

Have you ever bought something you don’t need. I’m sure you that you’ve already done it may times in your life. I don’t usually do this but last Friday was a budget mishap!

In my new work, we have an attendance incentive and I happen to perfect my attendance. The “price” for our punctuality is of course money! And they give it out every week. I was really excited to get mine. I was considering to make it as my allowance for a week. Just enough for my baon to work, and my weekly load.

So this is what happened:

No Sahod for 3 Weeks

It was the first time that it happened to me. I felt so bored because I can’t buy the things I want to buy. My palms were really itchy to buy new things. I always have in mind na mababawi ko din ‘to frame of mind.

To all the people who lives by their paycheck fortnightly knows what I am talking about. I consider this as a sin. Because I really would want to save up for my future.

Do you know what I bought? I bought things I don’t really need! I thought that I needed it, but if you really think about it. I do not! I need to do groceries more than buying these useless things!

What I Bought:

Fucking Makeup!

I don’t need this shit. Well, at that time I thought I needed it because I lost my SilkyGirl powder and I’ve been using my Nichido loose powder ever since. In which, I always create a huge mess when I do my makeup. So I bought the cheap Maybelline powder.

With the Ever Bilena Advance Blushing, the reason why I bought this is because I only own a lip and cheek tint for my cheeks. In my mind, I had the lip and cheek tint for 1-2 years ago, and I really believe that’s it’s already expired! That’s why I bought it.

Another stupid thing I bought:

Fitness daw!

Since at my new work, we finish early at 3:30PM. I have so much time in m hands that I decided to start working out. My first workout was through a youtube video and I found it difficult to do my cardio exercise. As I was strolling around the mall with the attendance incentive money in my pocket, the first I thing I thought I needed to buy was a yoga mat.

Of course, out of habit I searched on Lazada.com to canvass. Then I went to a physical store to compare. It was, I believe cheaper in Chris Store, a sports boutique. The yoga mat that I bought is pretty nice for its price, it’s lightweight and it has its own bag!

Like I said, I need the groceries more than this yoga mat! 

Do I regret buying all of this. A BIG FUCKING YES!

This new week though. I really hope that I won’t commit the same mistake again. I feel like this was the first time that this stupid thing happened to me and I feel very enlightened by this mistake.

Comment down below if you’ve done anything stupid like what I did.


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