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What I Bought at: Manila Sundance Bazaar

Manila Sundance Bazaar is every Millennial’s bazaar.

They frequently hold this event at the World Trade Center in Pasay, so I don’t ever get the chance to go there ’cause it’s too far from home. I live in Pasig BTW.

This is my second time to join the bazaar and boy, it was jam-packed! Plus, the air condition was broken on the first day. It was ridiculously hot and full of people–that is millennials.

The First Day of the Bazaar!

The entrance fee is for only P50.00.

Okay, so I bought clothes with my sahod which I recently got. The good thing is I only spent P500 on shopping! I honestly thought that I’m going to squander P1,000+ in just one night. But noooo. I am super proud of myself.

Here’s what I bought at the Manila Sundance Bazaar:

Crop top blue shirt

I bought this because this is my style. I like to go for the classic/laid back kind of clothes because you can easily pair them with anything! The fabric was also very thin perfect for the summer heat. I can definitely wear this when we go to the beach this summer.

Nude culottes

I feel like I’m subconsciously collecting culottes. I have about 3 pairs already. I wanted to get this one because again it’s summer, and I am in love with culottes because they are not tight to wear and there’s a breeze going down there. 😉 This culottes also goes with the blue crop top shirt that I bought.


I broke my sister’s choker. So I needed to get her a new one. The one that she bought in St. Francis costs P100, but this one is for only P50. This is better than the one she bought at St. Francis ’cause this can really choke you. It’s perfectly tight around your neck without killing you.

Manila Sundance Bazaar is full of affordable things a millennial can buy. I actually wanted to go back there to get the P250 worth of one-piece swimsuit. Shall I go back? Don’t know yet because I ordered one from my colleague, but hers’ is P50 more expensive. But when I go back to the Bazaar I need to pay for the entrance fee so I basically spent P300. Hmmmmm, nah. I’ll just buy from my colleague.

Have you been to Manila Sundance Bazaar? Comment down below and share me what you’ve bought.


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