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Which Cheap Powder is Better?

Powder. For me this is the most essential part of any girl’s or guy’s makeup. It can transform your face from ogre to a pretty princess instantly!

I’d describe myself as a cheap millennial, or stingy. But I love makeup, and these shit can get very pricey! Just imagine for one bullet of lipstick it can already costs you 200-500, and that’s not even a high-end makeup.

I don’t even own a lipstick that costs 300 and above that price range. The most expensive makeup I own would probably be a Happy Skin Liquid Foundation, in which I bought on sale.

The philosophy I abide in: Don’t buy make up if it’s not on sale.

So with my powder, I can get pretty cheap also.

Maybelline is the best friend’s of every Filipina woman. It’s cheap, their always on sale, and the quality is pretty good.

So who would not be tempted to buy a Maybelline powder that costs only P169?

On the other hand, Silky Girl is a Malaysian makeup brand that targets teenagers and young working women.

They kind of have the same target market since the two of them has the same price range with their products. The only difference between the two is the range of makeup they have.

We are not going to talk about which brand is better. We are going to talk about which cheap powder is better.

Silky Girl

I want to remind you first, that my face is oily.

My take on the Maybelline White Superfresh Powder


  • Name: White SuperFresh Powder
  • Price: P169 (the small version)
  • Features: UV Whitening, long-lasting two-way cake, 12H lasting and healthy bright, SPF 34, good for oily skin, no dullness and no oiliness!

I bought the shade in 03 Natural since my face is acidic.


  • It’s perpetually on sale. Well actually, in my belief the sale price is the original price of this product.
  • There’s two sizes, the big version costs P299.
  • The small version can be a refill for the big version, or you can use the small one as is.
  • It really does whitens your face.
  • It’s readily available in the market.


  • This is not good for oily skin, after just an hour or so you can already see oil showing up.
  • It’s patchy, which is a definite no-no for me.
  • The small version has no mirror.
  • Packaging is oversimplified.

Overall, what I didn’t like about this product is that it oils me up very fast. And when I retouch after 4-5 hours, I get dry patches. It does not look pleasant at all.

My take on the Silky Girl Magic BB Oil-Control Pure Fresh Powder


  • Name: Silky Girl Magic BB Oil-Control Pure Fresh Powder
  • Price: Original price is P259, I got it on sale for P169
  • Features: SPF 45, Shine-free, matte finish, long-wearing, fragrance-free, formulated for Asian skin

I bought the shade 01 Fair the lightest one ’cause again my face is acidic.


  • It does promises a shine-free, matte-finish face!
  • The packaging is so cute plus it has a mirror.
  • It lasts on my face longer  compared to Maybellines’
  • I do not have any dry patches.


  • It’s not lightweight.
  • SilkyGirl is not wildly available in the Philippines. From my knowledge, SilkyGirl is available in Robinsons Ortigas and Landmark Makati.
  • It’s pricey for a small powder.

I don’t have much problems with the SilkyGirl powder, I think the only problem I have is the price. They’re not as aggressive with Maybelline when it comes to 50% off shit-sale. But I think the sale price of the Silky Girl product is the original price. Hehe same with Maybelline 😉

You know why? ‘Cause their sale is never-ending!

Final Thought

I like the Silky Girl powder way more than Maybelline’s powder. Because I don’t oil up fast, and I don’t get any dry patches on my face. That’s the only requirement I want for a powder. I want a matte-finish and oil-free face throughout the day and SilkyGirl gave me that. I just have to apply after 5 hours or so, but the oil is not that bad!

Have you used the Silky Girl powder? I would love to hear your experience. Comment down below and share with me your story.

P.S this is not a sponsored post.


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