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Review: Travel Galore Travel and Tours

Most millennials spend more money on travel.

I’m not one of them. I rarely travel for a millennial, because travelling can get really expensive.

So this is where Travel Galore Travel and Tours comes into place.

I found them on Facebook long before I was working at my first job in a travel agency. What captured me most about Travel Galore is their graphic designs. I like aesthetically pleasing graphics in social media–ehem, this is my job.

I’m sure you’ve seen many travel agencies on Facebook that offers cheap travel packages. Like the PHP 2,500 3D2N to Ilocos, or that PHP1,800 overnight stay at someplace else.

Travel Galore was not the first cheap travel agency I’ve experienced. Biyahe ni Juan was my first, we went to Ilocos back in 2015. And I did not have fun with their services because of the tour guide.


She lied to us that the Marcos Mausoleum was close at 2PM, she constantly bothers us that we need to hurry up or walk faster, and she is not a good tour guide at all. To think that she graduated BS Tourism! She doesn’t know anything about the place!

Back to the whole point of the blog.

I decided to try Travel Galore because a frequent traveler friend of mine tried them before. Also, because Travel Galore is a credible travel agency with nearly 400k likes on Facebook, and most importantly, they are DOT accredited.

So here’s my experience with Travel Galore

My best friend and I wanted to go to La Union. We wanted to get the La Union + Grape Farm package (P1799).


I PM’ed Travel Galore if there are still available slots for our preferred dates which is April 14-15. Then they replied with an auto reply, they sent me a booking form, and the itinerary of the trip.

Since our conversation is not getting anywhere on Facebook, I decided to call their mobile number. I spoke to a lady (I forgot the name), I asked her if we can still book April 14-15 to La Union+Grape Farm for 6 pax. She said we can, and we should just deposit P300/pax for the reservation fee.

FYI, I called her 10 days before our travel date. And according to their terms and conditions, you should have your reservations 7 days prior to your travel date.

And so I deposited to their BDO account P1,800 10 days before our travel dates. I sent the deposit slip through FB and Gmail.

After 2 days, there’s no acknowledgement. I called them up again then the lady said that we were the only people scheduled to go to La Union on April 14-15. Hence, the trip will not be possible because they need to fill up 12 pax. Kulang pa ng anim! (They need six more).

The lady said we can either change our travel dates or our destinations. I called up my friend about the problem and my friend said she didn’t want to change the travel dates nor the destination!

It was really disheartening! We were planning to go to La Union for months. Holy week was our only free time, the only opportunity to travel up north!

So the other 3 pax decided to withdraw their reservation, but the other three pushed through (I’m one of them). We decided to go to Baler, since we can also surf their.

Here’s the package and itinerary of Baler: 

So here was the main problem.

I deposited P1800 for 6 pax as our reservation fee, but the other 3 withdrew and the other 3 didn’t. We wanted to use the P900 of the 3 pax as an additional fee to the P1799/pax for the three of us.

The first lady I spoke with whom I don’t know the name, did not budge if we can add the P900 for the Baler payment. She said that the reservation fee for the 3 pax is not transferable to us. But we can use that for our future reservation fees.

I got so mad boy.

I was complaining that they didn’t acknowledge my email earlier, that it took them 2 freakin’ days. I was telling them that the lady I spoke with said we can already deposit our reservation for La Union. I was telling them that they didn’t tell us early on that La Union is not yet complete. I was telling them we only have 4 days left before the trip. I was telling them I want to withdraw ALL of our reservations. Yadadadada…

My arguments are strong I’m telling you.

I let my friend speak to them because Sasha (from Travel Galore) could not understand my point.

My friend spoke to the manager, and he understood our situation. He agreed with our deal, that we use the P900 of the 3 pax who withdrew as an additional payment to out Baler trip.

One to two days before Baler

It was April 12 already it was nearing Holy Week–our travel dates! They said that they will send our travel voucher 2 days before our travel dates. But NO!

We were expecting to be out MNL on April 13 at 10PM. I called them many times, I called each number as indicated on their Facebook page, I messaged each number, I viber’ed, emailed, Facebooked. EVERYTHING. And no answer at all. Their lines cannot be contacted. I feel like they’re doing this on purpose.

It was really agitating! Just imagine you were expecting to have fun, but instead all you feel was stressed!

They sent the travel voucher on April 13, 12NN.


There was another problem.

Travel Galore did not inform us that they changed our driver and the Van. Good thing the new driver, Tommy messaged us. If not, no fucking Baler.

The Baler Trip

As stated in the itinerary, we were picked up in MOA, then left off at exactly 10PM. Baler is 7-8 hours away Manila. But we got there I think in 5-6 hours.

What made our Baler trip nice was our driver/tour guide Tommy. He’s the most accommodating, nicest, smartest with geography driver I met compared to other drivers I knew. Tommy just drives too fast though.

Ew. I sound in love.

All of the stress of our pre-Baler trip was gone when we were actually in Baler.

We did not get to do some of the itinerary because the family we were with were 2 fucking hours late in our 12NN call time in the Mother Falls.

We did not go to the Eco Strip, the hanging bridge, the Baler Museum and the Dona Aurora Quezon house because it was close (Holy Week).

But it’s okay, I had a great time in Sabang Beach.

Baler 2017


PROS of Travel Galore

  • They are DOT accredited
  • They have many travel packages to choose from
  • They can be cheaper than other travel agencies

CONS of Travel Galore

  • They are not communicative, which is ironic because they do things online
  • They don’t inform you early about your travel dates if it’s good to go na
  • Their terms and conditions sucks!
  • They don’t understand the predicament you are on, that it’s their fault they did not inform me about the bad news for the La Union trip.

Will I go back to Travel Galore?

A big fucking NO!

Plus, they removed the ‘reviews’ bar in their Facebook account. You know now the reason. *wink *wink


One thought on “Review: Travel Galore Travel and Tours

  1. yes! they removed! same thing din na nangyare samen, kung kelan nkpag bayad na ska nila ssbhin na need pa ng at least 12 pax para matuloy.. tinanggal nila ung reviews para d makta ng ibang customers nila kung pano cla makitungo.


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