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Why you Shouldn’t Subscribe to Netflix to Save Money

Before Netflix came to the Philippines… I get my series from YouTube, Torrents, and buying DVDs in Quiapo.

Now that Netflix is here in the country, another bill is added to my piles of expenses.

It really saddens me that living today is getting more and more expensive. Like I really need my Spotify premium, my 1GB of data a week, my manicure/pedicure to maintain my nails, I need to get my eyebrow threaded, internet, and the list could go on and on.

My prof in Economics said that living in this era is much more expensive than when she was younger because we have so many shit that we need to spend on.

And one of those shit is Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Netflix… But I hate paying for it!

So here are my reasons why unsubscribing to Netflix can help you save money:

  1. You can put the money to your savings account

    The cost of your Netflix will vary depending on what plan you choose. I personally go for the standard plan, which is PHP460/month. If you don’t subscribe to Netlfix, you can put the money elsewhere like to your savings account, for your health, or for a new umbrella since your old one got broken (I’m speaking to myself).

  2. You can watch your series elsewhere

    Like I said, I used to get my series from downloading torrents, YouTube, or from DVDs in Quiapo. Watching series is free if you download it from torrent, but you need to sacrifice a bit since you need to wait for the download to finish. The sacrifice will be worth it though in the long run.

  3. You can go for cheaper streaming apps

    Instead of shelling out PHP370 to PHP550 a month, why not go for cheaper streaming apps like Iflix that costs PHP 100 to PHP 129 a month, or HOOQ which is only PHP59 or Blink that costs only PHP 125 a month. There are tons of alternative TV and movie streaming apps! Granted, you will not be able to watch Netflix original series. But hey, that’s why there are torrents!

  4. You can be more productive

    So after work or school, you go straight home and binge watch a series. What do you really get in watching a series? Did it make you happy? Did you learn? Do you feel like your part of the society? From my personal point of view, watching Netflix just helped me past time. I enjoyed it, yes. But I’m actually more productive without it. Like I exercise, read or learn a new skill instead of just binge watching Breaking Bad.

  5. You’ll sleep earlier

    Binge watching will entail you to sleep late. Hence, you’ll arrive to work/school groggy and sleep deprived. When you don’t subscribe to Netflix, you will be able to sleep early. I am again speaking from experience.

Unsubscribing to Netflix will surely help you save money. If you do the math, you will be able to save about PHP6,600 a year (if you subscribe to the premium plan). With that money, you can already use it to buy a mid-range phone or save it!

Consider first your needs before you go subscribing.


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