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Free Things You Can Get On Your Birthday!

The best thing in life are FREE! And usually, we tend to get a lot of free stuff during our birthdays!

I recently just celebrated mine, and I realized how many things I got for FREE.

I’m the type of person who really does take full advantage of freebies.

If you’re celebrating your birthday in a few months or so. Here are some of the things you can get for free here in the Philippines.

  1. Buffet

I notice that a lot of buffets in Manila offers a “Eat Free On Your Birthday” promo. So here’s a brief information on how you can avail the promo:

  • Vikings: Bring only one paying adult on your birthday. If you’re not eating on the day of your birth, you can bring four paying adults for your entire birth month.
  • Yakimix: You need three full paying adults. You can claim the promo on the day, seven days before and seven days after your birthday.
  • Dads: You can get the freebie on the day of your birthday, three days before and after. Only one paying adult is needed.
  • Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot: Mechanics same with Vikings.
  • NIU by Vikings: Mechanics same with Vikigs.
  • Sambo Kojin: Mechanics same with Dads.
  • Buffet 101: You need three paying adults, but the freebie is valid for the entire birth month.

2. Laybare

This is definitely one of my favorites! You can avail of the free eyebrow threading in any Laybare branches on your birth month. They also offer 15% off on any service. Note that their eyebrow threading is only P110, but hey I got to save P110 bucks!

3. Enchanted Kingdom

I actually spent my pre-birthday celebration in Enchanted Kingdom. I didn’t know that I was actually free… I thought I only got a discount. But it’s really FREE! I mean you get to save up P700! To avail the promo, you should bring one paying adult and you must get it six days before and after your birthday, or on your actual birthday.

Plus, 10% off will be given to your companions (maximum of 10). And you can also receive a 5% discount when you eat at Amazon Grill.

4. Star City

If you want to try out Star City, they offer a free ticket to the birthday celebrant on their birthday or six days before and after their birthday (like EK). However, you need to bring at least four adults and a maximum of ten adults to avail the promo. They can also get a 10% discount on their ticket each (like EK).

5. Starbucks Cake

If you’re a Starbucks card holder, you can avail a free slice of cake (any flavor) for your entire birth month, as longs as you buy a grande size drink.

Final word

Don’t be shy to capitalize on these promo. Your birthday only comes once a year! So you better get it while it’s hot!

Remember: Do not forget to bring an original and valid government issued ID, or your birth certificate for proof!


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