I know that this blog targets the millennial.

But if you belong to the other generation like the Edgers, GenX, or whatnot. You can also read my blog posts too.

The blog is all about the journey of my sahod (paycheck). Where it goes, or where I spend, how I spend, and how I save.

I’m a pretty savvy or frugal millennial compared to my other fellow millennials. But there are times where I can get too impulsive with my buying decisions. That’s why I decided to make this blog so that I’d know where all my precious money went.

I graduated last 2016 with a degree in AB Broadcasting and I started working after a month of graduating. I am not that financially literate, but I am very, super-duper obsessed with saving money. I am always trying my best to learn how to save my sahod, how to invest what I earn, and how to make my money work for me.

I am taking baby steps for now. Please bare with me. 🙂

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For more details about me and my blog. Here’s an awesome, simple infographic that I made: